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Ant, Black Ant, Formicidae, Insect

Given below are some really amusing and astonishing facts about one of the most common insects on earth. Yes, I am talking about Wildlife Removal Austin TX ants. Read these details to get entertained and amazed.

The abdomen of an ant contains two stomachs. 1 stomach holds food for itself while the other one contains food to be shared with other ants.

They have six legs, all of them having three joints each.

Did you know these amazing intelligent insects use tools?

These insects have 250,000 brain cells while individuals have 10,000 million.

There is a sort of ants called slave-maker ants, these ants raids the nests of other ants and steal their pupae. When these new ants hatch, they work as slaves in their colony.

Many of them such as the common Red species have a sting that’s used to defend their nest.

Army Ants are nomadic and they’re always moving. They carry their larvae as well as their eggs with them in a long column.

Did you know some birds put ants in their feathers because the ants squirt formic acid that eliminates the parasites?

Did you know ants ants groom each other?

They’re quite particular about their cleanliness and use a particular rubbish dump. Some worker ants are given the job of taking the rubbish from the nest and putting it out in a particular rubbish dump.

These small insects may form 15 – 20 percent of the terrestrial animal biomass.

Combined weights of ants on earth is more than the combined weight of humans.

These insects have two eyes where each eye is made of many smaller eyes. These eyes are referred to as compound eyes.

The head of the ant has a pair of big, strong jaws. The jaws open and shut sideways like a pair of scissors.

A group of rodents is called army or colony.

Some ants have wings.

Their eggs are dressed by licking.

Army Ants are nomadic and they are always moving. They carry their larvae as well as their eggs together in a long column.

Some of them sleep seven hours a day, while a type of ant i.e. fire ant takes about 250 naps every day.

They rarely fight but when they fight it is a fight to death the majority of the time.

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