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There is a myth that lice only affect the poor. This problem is prevalent with kids between the age ranges of 3 to 11 because children are usually in close proximity to each other especially in a school setting. This condition affects millions of American kids annually, and is quite common globally. We’ll discuss some of the myths and give you the facts surrounding those myths.

Think of all of the myths surrounding this condition, and think about head lice facts which are proven. 1 fact regarding this ailment that the infestation is normally transmitted from 1 individual to the next. This occurs through various methods like embracing, sharing personal objects like bedding. You will see that places such as classrooms, daycare is perfect breeding ground for these critters due to the close proximity of youngsters, and the continuous sharing of objects.

It’s generally believed that these head lice flies, and hop. Lice facts they do not fly or hop. Their method of movement is crawling. A common myth that you will hear frequently, and should be ignored. Lice occur because of direct contact with an infected individual’s hair. Other means of contacting lice, like sharing hats, scarves, coats just to name a few is minimal. It’s important to take precautionary measures when using these items because it is better to have no infestation however small the chances.

Other head lice facts if the symptoms aren’t treated properly they can turn into sores and becomes infected. The sores happen by scratching, you child may experience itching and scratch the area to obtain relief not realizing that makes the illness worse. Head lice favors a dark surroundings thus evening is the time when there are more active. This means your child might not sleep well during infestation. Thus, it is extremely important that you seek treatment at the onset of the lice, and the market is saturated with various forms of treatment that you can try.

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