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If you have an pet iguana or plan on purchasing one, you must first become knowledgeable on iguanas. Knowing the facts is just half the struggle to raising a pleasant, respectable pet, you also have to have the ability to implement them. Read the below facts on iguanas and see if you’re up to the job in raising this great reptile. If you find out that an iguana may be too much for you, then simply do not get one! Further, if you already have this terrific pet, educate yourself a little bit. You must read below.

Iguana fact #1: These reptiles belong to the group Iguanidae, which comes from the group lizards. Further, this is where the title iguana comes from, if it was not obvious enough. Though these reptile’s limbs are short, they have enormous power inside them and attached are their sharp claws. These claws are used for mainly climbing, but watch out as you could potentially get one of these claws dug into you.

Iguana fact #2: The reptile’s tail is its defensive weapon. An iguana’s tail is extremely powerful for its size and it will whip it around at high speeds if it seems threaten. The tails are also of use to the iguana when they swim, which iguana’s love to perform.

Iguana fact #3: Iguana men are much larger than their opposite sex.

Iguanas love most green vegetables and fruits. Never feed your pet iguana any cat or dog food, a common mistake.

Iguana fact #5: These reptiles love to hide, therefore your cage should have hiding places for your pet.

Get use to the above facts and you will understand iguanas a little more. Remember if you’re planning on getting this reptile, you have to learn about this remarkable pet first.

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